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In this post I’ll introduce the SharePoint Pack Project. This is a project defined in Gostareh Negar ( to develop a pack of useful SharePoint tools.

Project Statement:

SharePoint Pack is defined to provide a pack of SharePoint tools and utilities in a usable form. The tools and utilities are often share-ware available. The main effort is to gather these items in a usable format, e.g. providing samples, guidelines, installation helpers and so on. Therefore in general less effort would be put on the developing the items.


Position and evidence of needs:

There are many useful items here and there, for SharePoint. But these are less available in production lines. When one decides to use them, s/he should start from searching web, put time to select a suitable solution, then try to install and test it. The output of this project can help the end-users to save time in using a set of tested items together with the required documentation.


Scope Statement:

List of potential workproducts:

  1. Workflow activities
  2. Web Parts
  3. Field Types
  4. List Templates
  5. Site Templates


    As said above the main focus will be on wrapping the existing items and providing help. Therefore following requirements should be checked for work products:

  6. Less development effort. In general the required time of a potential item should be less than a week. Normally we should start with an existing code. If an item goes beyond this time limitation, most likely it wont be covered in the scope of SP Pack.
  7. Each work product should have a neat and simple documentation providing following information:
    1. Why to use: The information about why the product is required and in which cases it can be used.
    2. How to use: The information about how the item can be actually used together with samples.
    3. When to use: Information about limitations and possible problems.
    4. Technical Information : Technical backgrounds, issues and sources.

Written by Babak Mahmoudi

December 8, 2008 at 2:13 pm

Posted in SharePoint

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